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"The big difference between Intilecta & our previous experiences with IT companies is that they are business savvy and business focused. They really understood what we were trying to achieve & successfully delivered it. We now run our Carpet, Energy and Curtain sales processes and Franchise management on the Intilecta App Platform. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them." Leanne Sowry, General Manager, Harrisons Group
"We were looking for a fundamentally different way to drive sales behaviours and business outcomes across our 300+ strong New Zealand based sales organisation. Intilecta's App based approach challenged our thinking and helped us look at sales governance and customer management in new and different ways. User engagement has been terrific and I have seen first hand the difference the Apps can make in the daily lives of our sales people. Our success laid the way for our Parent company in Australia to adopt Intilecta Apps too. I love working with Intilecta and would highly recommend them." Jo Utting, Sales Training Manager, Wesfarmers Industrial Safety NZ

21 system connectors enabled including Google Gmail, RightNow CRM, on-premise Data warehouse.

"The project has run incredibly smoothly considering the amount of change, associated precision and critical path timeline. Your team has been led superbly with good clear communication to us. Clearly your Apps process and team are well engaged to be delivering these results." Barbara Parks, Help Desk and training Executive, TVNZ
Hala Alaukati, Business Analyst, TVNZ
"Traditionally suppliers told us that we needed to put our data into the data warehouse in order to get dashboard style KPI BI reporting. That meant more cost, additional hardware and complexity. Then we looked at the Intilecta Apps based cloud approach. Changed everything." Allister Lowe, Group ICT Manager, Toll New Zealand
"I love it. Now I can instantly see the productivity of my people, without them having to do anything differently." Robin Bowkett, National Sales Manager, Webstar

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