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Leverage machine learning across customer communications to automatically generate amazing insights that complement existing product information and reimagine customer intimacy.

Analyse customer communications across distributed teams to learn about customer relationships, lifecycle stages and interaction patterns. 

Automatically generate unique customer insights that complement existing customer product information to deliver simple and powerfully intelligent singleviews of each consumer, commercial customer and customer stakeholder. 


Company wide systematic and coordinated approach for driving pipeline activity and customer action.

Manage customer needs, product triggers, opportunities and actions across distributed teams in a coordinated and systematic way.  Have confidence customer expectations and needs are fulfilled as part of the daily rhythm of the business.


Automatically analyse your customer base using customer communication and transaction data to suggest where effort would best be focused.

Using machine learning to automatically score customers based on communications insights and customer product transactional information to suggest the next best conversation starters for your team to explore. Proactively identify opportunities to have better conversations.


Engage your customers with amazing needs based, fully compliant conversations. 

Engage with confidence every time your people interact with customers through beautiful digital forms.  Have amazing conversations, discover their needs, demonstrate the value your business provides and ensure your people are complying with all appropriate controls.



Investigate revenue and margin patterns across teams, divisions, employees and customers.  Analyse customer buying patterns to identify where your next best conversation should be.  Understand your customers before they understand themselves.


Drive desired behaviours by embedding your coaching frameworks into the daily lives of your people.

Bring your coaching templates & tools to life through beautiful digital forms that embed into the daily lives of people.  Gain visibility into coaching coverage across large distributed teams and discover the correlations between coaching activity and business outcomes.


Engage your people with dynamic content that embeds your operating rhythm across large distributed teams.

Coordinate and digitise your operating rhythm procedures and templates from various stakeholders through engaging content that your people consume as part of their daily routine.  Gain valuable feedback on the effectiveness of content and sentiment across large distributed teams.  See real-time engagement with the operating rhythm and its effect on business outcomes.


Complying with laws, regulations, rules, self- regulatory standards & codes of conduct.

Discharge your obligations across large distributed teams by bringing your compliance and audit controls to life through beautiful digital forms.  Perform real-time testing of QA frameworks to ensure continued compliance to the laws, rules, and regulations of your business practises.


Explore and identify patterns and unique insights across massive transactional data sets.  Bring together customer purchasing transactions, marketing data, communications data and sales and service activity data to create powerful insights that will change your business performance.