Our Mission

Our mission at Intilecta is to help people in business have amazing conversations.

At Intilecta, we come to work everyday because we want to solve some of the toughest challenges sales and service organisations face.

We see the same patterns emerging each time we talk to executives running fast in rapidly changing markets, driven by the rising tide of customer expectations.

Managing large and complex distributed teams, connecting cause and effect across sales & service cultures, bringing together fragmented data to get real time visibility of business performance, enabling an adaptive and learning culture or bringing customer-led digital innovation into their business for their people.

Common challenges made even more challenging against a global trend of increasing employee fatigue and disengagement.

We know we can help.

We believe there is a simple way to solve for these and engage people to help them do the best work of their lives.

We honed our skills over the past 10 years working with sales and service teams across a range of industries. That taught us loads about people, CRMs, Customer data and how beautiful design plays a fundamental role in transforming the way people have conversations with each other. 

Whether you are coaching your team, driving pipeline velocity, exploring opportunities with a customer or leveraging machine learning of communications data to get deep insight into a Customer. We believe our product offers a refreshingly simple way to move business performance at scale and speed.

Watch the effect it has on the way your people engage, interact and behave.


Our Board

Jim Quinn  Chairman, Director

Jim Quinn
Chairman, Director

Simon Spence  Director

Simon Spence

Ian Firth  Director

Ian Firth



Our Leadership Team

Andrew Parker   Head of Sales

Andrew Parker

Head of Sales

Amie Gray   Head of Services

Amie Gray

Head of Services

Dave Gardner   CTO

Dave Gardner


Simon Spence   Head of Market Dev

Simon Spence

Head of Market Dev

Peter Jansen   Head of Product

Peter Jansen

Head of Product

Jeremy Smith   CFO

Jeremy Smith